F Series (Fan Mountable) Attenuator

A range of cylindrical attenuators matched to fit directly to most types of metric axial flow fans or to ductwork systems with optional matching flanges.  Two alternative sets of threaded insert patterns are available as standard.  Please refer to hole pattern guide to match against fan to be used or contact us for further guidance.  ‘F’ series attenuators are stocked in two lengths as standard, 1 x diameter (1D) and 2 x diameter (2D).

Excellent attenuation properties are achieved using sound absorbing infill which is glass tissue faced as standard to minimise particle migration into the air-stream.  Retained by a perforated steel liner.

Acoustic pods

Centrally mounted cylindrical acoustic pods with aerodynamic end domes are available fitted as an option.  They substantially increase the acoustic performance of the attenuator across the entire sound spectrum range although they will incur an airside pressure drop.  Please refer to our sales office with a volume flow to confirm details.

  • Standard sizes from 100 to 1250mm internal diameter
  • Maximum continuous temperature 100 degrees C
  • Maximum pressure 1500 pa + / 750 pa-
  • Fire rated options available

Material Specification

Casing: pre galvanised mild steel, with single piece spun formed end caps

Inner liner: perforated galvanised mild steel

Acoustic infill: inert resin bonded mineral wool slabs

Manufactured to HVCA ductwork specification DW144, class ‘b’


Melinex lining (no additional cost)

Where moist or greasy ambient conditions exist (kitchen hood or wash extract) or for clean air applications (hospital or test lab).  The glass tissue facing should be replaced with a melinex type polyester lining barrier to prevent any particle migration through the inner liner and to protect the acoustic infill from soakage.  This will however result in a slight loss of attenuator performance.  Please contact our sales office for further information.

Alternative product/material/finish

Although we only stock products manufactured to our standard specification, we are able to supply custom made products with alternative dimensions, temperature ratings, material type (stainless steel and aluminium) and finishes (powder coated)

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